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Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) Business Internet Service

What is Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) and How Do I Know if It’s the Right Internet Service Option for My Business?

If your business has many locations that need to be connected on a single network, Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) is a good internet service option for you. It seamlessly combines speed, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and simplicity in a customizable Ethernet package.   ELAN delivers a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet Wide Area Network that extends your Local Area Network to a Metro or WAN, thus allowing your business-critical applications and information to travel effortlessly across the entire network. In other words, ELAN is designed to large amounts of information between many business locations, rapidly and securely.

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Watch this short video for a simple explanation of Ethernet Local Area Network.

Features and Benefits


All data is sent via the secure domain of a Layer 2 high-capacity, dedicated, point-to-point connection at the fast pace you would expect from Ethernet service.

Traffic Separation

Preserve distinct pathways when you combine previously separate domains for particular applications and/or departments onto a single network.

Single Point of Connection

A hub combines all of your data traffic on a single network that links each of your locations.

Industry Leading

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