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Voice Manager for Business Class Phone

Voice Manager for Business Class Phone

Having reliable phone service is key to the success of your business. It’s one of your main lifelines for staying connected to customers and vendors.  But, managing your phone service shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming. That is why we offer Voice Manager, a robust online portal which empowers you to manage your Business Class Phone service and features from any Internet connected device – free of charge. No more keying in star codes on your office phone or calling Customer Service to enable or disable calling features and waiting for those changes to take effect. Voice Manager puts the power in your hands to control and customize your phone service online, instantly as needed.


Not only does Voice Manager give you the power manage the settings on your phone system as a whole.  It also grants each employee the power to customize features such as Mobility and Call Forwarding and on their individual lines, which helps them manage incoming calls more efficiently and be more productive, no matter whether they’re working in the office or away from it.


Features and Benefits

  • Simple to Use—Quickly add, remove or adjust 30+ features and options – such as Call Forwarding Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, and many others – for any phone line on your account
  • Be in Control, at All Times—Adjust your service in real time from practically any Internet-connected device as often as needed.
  • Deliver a Better Caller Experience —Tailor your phone system features so customer calls can be routed and answered efficiently, even when you or your employees are not in the office.
  • Improve Business Continuity—Easily redirect calls in the event of emergencies, sick employees or bad weather without setting foot in the office.
  • Increase Employee Productivity—Give your staff the power to adjust the calling features on their own lines to match their unique work style.
  • Be More Accessible—Our Voice Manager Connect downloadable software allows you to manage your incoming calls using your computer, anywhere you have an Internet connection. No phone needed.
  • Achieve Visibility— Easily accessible call logs and call history allow you to track how your office phone system is being used.

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