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Mobility Package for Business Class Phone

Mobility Package for Business Class Phone

For the busy professional who must make the most of every hour in their workday. The Mobility Package is a helpful add on to our Business Class Phone service that offers four customizable features to keep you from having to check and return voicemails or play phone tag.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Simultaneous ring — Rings up to 5 phones at the same time whenever a phone number is called.
  • Sequential Ring – Rings up to 5 additional phone numbers in one right after the other. First, the initial phone number will ring and after a certain number of rings that you choose, the other phone numbers will ring in sequence until the call is answered or goes to voicemail.
  • Office Anywhere—Allows you or your staff to make outgoing calls as if they were made from the office. The call recipient will even see your business telephone number on their Caller ID.
  • Personal Attendant—Gives you the flexibility to answer calls using a custom greeting and then offer the caller up to three options of what they would like to do from there, including being transferred to voicemail, being transferred another telephone number or listening to an announcement that you’ve recorded.

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