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Business Class Phone Features

Business Class Phone Feature Guide


Business Class Phone, part of our SimplicITI managed services package is a smart, reliable service that provides a variety of calling plans and enterprise grade features that you can control via our easy-to-use Voice Manager Portal. Below is a list of the more than 35 advanced features, most of which are included in the low monthly fee.

Feature Name

What it Does

Is it Included?

Account CodesKeep track of client calls and billing via verified and non-verified Account Codes Yes
Anonymous Call RejectBlock unwanted calls from callers who restrict sending caller ID informationYes
Call ForwardForward all calls to another 10-digit number of your choosingYes
Call Forward BusyForward busy calls to another lineYes
Call Forward No AnswerForward unanswered calls to another lineYes
Call ReturnReturn call to the number of the last call made to lineYes
Call SchedulerActivate and manage when certain calling features are turned on – by time of day and day of week (through Voice Manager)Yes
Call TransferTransfer a call from a Business Class Phone line to any 10-digit numberYes
Call WaitingBe alerted when another caller is calling in on the same line via a special tone alertYes
Caller IDDisplay options for people receiving calls from your numberYes
Caller ID Blocking Per CallBlock your number from another phone’s Caller ID for one call OR block one line from another phone’s Caller IDYes
Caller ID Unblocking Per CallRestore caller ID for one call when Caller ID Blocking per line is activeYes
Custom Caller IDDetermine the name and phone number that displays to people receiving a call from you through their caller IDYes
Do Not DisturbSet your phone to busy statusYes
HotlinePick up phone and it automatically dials a preset numberYes
Hunt GroupsSet up a system to roll calls (hunting) to other numbers within your officeYes
Circular Hunt GroupsSet up system to roll calls so if one line is busy the next available line will ringYes
Sequential Hunt GroupsSet up system to roll calls from the initial line to the next predetermined line in the hunt group. If one line is busy then the next available line will ringYes
Uniform Hunt GroupsSet up system to allow sharing of a group of lines by many individuals for incoming calls; when any number in the hunt group is busy, the call will be delivered to the next idle line in the hunt groupYes
Inbound Call RestrictionsRestrict a line from receiving inbound calls. Line will allow outbound calls onlyYes
Last Number RedialRedial last number dialedYes
Network Address BookStore network contacts. Can be synced from a network address bookYes
Outbound Call RestrictionsSet a line to be restricted from a choice of outbound calls including: outbound, 900, 900 and international, all calls with additional chargesYes
Selective Call ForwardCheck all incoming calls against a list of up to 30 numbers; if a match occurs, the incoming call is forwarded to the number specifiedYes
Speed DialCall frequently dialed numbers (up to 8 numbers) using one-digit dialingYes
 Suspended Line Suspend all calls (allows 911 calls but does not suspend billing)Yes
 Three Way Call Add a third party to a call so a three-way conversation can be held Yes
 Voice Manager Control your features and service in real time through an easy-to-use customer portal Yes
 Caller ID on PC See incoming calls on your computer no matter where you areYes
 Click to Dial Dial calls from contacts Yes
ContactsUpload and manage contactsYes
Voicemail AccessListen to voicemail messages anywhere onlineYes
Auto AttendantAnswer all incoming phone calls via a virtual receptionist and route those calls based on pre-determined settingsAdditional Fee
Business Group Feature PackageEnable employees within a business group to share calls and use enterprise-grade calling features. Features include: 4-Digit Dialing, Call Hold / Release Call Hold, Direct Outward Dialing, Directed Call Park & Directed Call Retrieve, Directed Call Pick-UpAdditional Fee
 Custom Ring Allow up to 4 alternate phone numbers with different ring tones, to ring Additional Fee
 Intercept Message Set a message to notify callers that the number they are dialing is no longer valid and directs callers to a new or alternate number Additional Fee
 Mobility Package Be in contact from virtually any location or device via four unique features Additional Fee
Simultaneous RingRing up to 5 additional phone lines at the same time that a line is calledIncluded in Mobility Package
Sequential RingRing up to 5 additional phone lines, in sequence when number is dialedIncluded in Mobility Package
Personal AttendantProgram a call to be answered with a customer greeting, then route to voicemail, another number or a second announcementIncluded in Mobility Package
Office AnywherePlace calls from remote phone as if you were in the officeIncluded in Mobility Package
Remote Call ForwardUse a virtual number to automatically forward all calls to another Business Class telephone numberAdditional Fee
VoicemailReceive messages from callers—including calls to email alerts—via a variety of voicemail box setups including single, shared and group mailboxesAdditional Fee

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